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FAT-BANNER-The Fat Butcher

Buy a box of the finest meat delivered to your door throughout UK

From our Butchers selected boxes to Build Your Own Box

The Fat Butcher

The Online Butchers for Real Meat Lovers

The Fat Butcher is an online meat delivery service with a focus on
top-quality cuts of real UK meat. We source our chicken, beef, pork, and lamb
from the best possible sources, so you can create your perfect bundle or
selection with the confidence that every element is of the highest standard.

We deliver across the entire mainland UK.

Build Your Own Meat Boxes

This is where you can take the reins and craft
the perfect meat box for you and your family. Choose ten items that suit you for just £80, giving you meat for weeks!

Premium Meat Boxes

These are our own flagship creations. Mixed selections of meats picked out to fit a theme or concept, so you can get a great value mix of different products dropped directly to your door.

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The Fat Butcher is the brainchild of our founder Mark, a butcher with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Starting as an apprentice butcher in the Dewhurst’s Butchers of Leeds, Mark quickly climbed his way up the ranks before finding himself in a Microbiology training program in Northampton. It was here that he truly got to know meat on a deeper, more scientific level.

After leaving Dewhurst’s, Mark ran the gamut in the retail butchery industry, with positions in traditional butchers, supermarket operations, and town centre market stalls. After years of working in the physical sector, Mark considered that maybe there was a better way.

That’s when The Fat Butcher was born, conceived as an online butchers and meat delivery service that would allow customers to receive personalised and pre-prepared meat boxes straight to their door. No more chancing it on what the butcher had in. No more walking home with heavy bags of meat. Just premium, top-quality cuts of UK meat delivered straight to your door.

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