Mark started as an apprentice butcher in 1988, starting with a Dewhursts master butchers.  He underwent the Dewhurst training programme, firstly based in Leeds then onto Northampton where the microbiology training was conducted.  Dewhursts then, invited only the very best apprentices for the institute of meat that Mark completed in 1990.  At this time the meat industry was going through significant changes, modernising the way the product was both packaged and sold. 

When Mark left Dewhursts he went into all the various retail operations from the traditional butchery, supermarket retail operators and the town centre markets.

It was seeing how these businesses operated that Mark decided he wanted to bring the quality of the traditional butchers, the style of operation of a retail supermarket and the value and deals that the markets could offer.  Mark then went to work in various chains of meat outlet stores all over the UK gathering as much information as possible before he launched the FAT Butcher in 2014.