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BBQ Sausages & 2 Minute Healthy Ketchup

BBQ Sausages & 2 Minute Healthy Ketchup

Light a barbie and grill these sausages with a 2 minute healthy ketchup, perfect for kids and adults alike. They're great for a family barbecue or a camping holiday. 

24 chipolata sausages

2 Minute Healthy Ketchup


270g tomato paste
4 tbsp maple syrup
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp oregano
Sea salt to taste (optional)

You will need: 
8 wooden or metal skewers (if using wooden, soak in water for at least 15 mins first)


To make the sauce mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Try the ketchup and adjust if you want. The sauce will keep in the fridge for up to two weeks or freeze for up to two months.


Heat a barbeque until the coals are glowing white hot. Lay six of the sausages next to each other and push one stick through one end of all the sausages and the other stick through the other ends so the sausages look like a ladder (leave a gap between each sausage). Repeat with the other sausages in batches of six.


Barbecue the sausages on each side until they are browned and cooked through. Serve with your healthy two minute ketchup.